More accidents on the A69 prompts the usual call for the carriageway to be dualled beyond Hexham.

Whilst this might be the long term objective, I have doubts whether in national priorities it will ever happen.

There is a straightforward solution to reduce the risks that dangerous drivers pose.

The temporary average speed cameras that have been erected to slow traffic down whilst the work on the Hexham roundabout is proceeding should be made permanent.

But also, more should be provided along this road’s length towards Carlisle. I suggest 10 more.

The speed limit, and I stress limit, on this part of the A69 is 60mph which I have witnessed being exceeded many times in using the road, especially, and dangerously, on the three-lane sections both west and eastwards.

Whilst it is generally known that many drivers speed up after a camera is passed, then cameras monitoring the whole journey would prevent this or drivers would face the financial and licence points consequences.

This problem is exacerbated because car media is now provided with information on camera location hence the temptation to ignore the speed limit.

I believe this would improve traffic flow, and be a very cost effective means to reduce accidents and could be installed and operational very quickly.