TIRED of his land being targeted by illegal poachers, a Bellingham farmer has created a new product aimed at stopping criminals in their tracks.

John Goodfellow, of Goodfellow Farming Ltd, The Riding, had dealt with poachers trespassing on his land at Newbiggin-by-the-Sea for years, and found that no amount of security measures was fully successful at keeping them out.

“I padlocked the gates on the land shut, but that didn’t stop them, they just came and cut them open. Then they returned two days later and stole the entire gate. All this got me thinking there must be a better way to protect my land,” said John.

He came up with the idea of ‘The Poacher Block’, a four-metre-wide block, which sits over entrances to land, and is designed to allow farm machinery easy access to fields, but works as a barricade for cars, fly-tipping lorries and caravans due to its height and shape. Believed to be the first of its kind, the block weighs just over a ton, and therefore can be moved only with the aid of a tractor.

“The idea is that farmers would install it once they’ve sown the fields,” said John.

“Since we launched the product in May we’ve had about one hundred orders, which goes to show how in demand a product like this is. The feedback has been incredibly positive.

“Farmers across the country face different problems – it might be poaching for us in Northumberland, but it’s fly tipping near London, or trespassing on farms close to tourist attractions. The block provides security for all of these crimes.”

The Poacher Block can be found online at www. poacherblock.co.uk.