On Friday Hexham and Northern Mart held their weekly sale of sheep and cattle.

Less cast sheep forward this week which were easier cashed compared to last week. All classes slightly sharper. Sale topped at £108 for Texel Tups from Messrs JT Nixon & Son, Stotsfold. Mr B Watson, Baal Hill sold Texel Ewes to £100. Mule ewes sold to £68 from R & J Bell, The Old School House

Texel x: £108 Stotsfold, £100 Baal Hill, £93 & £91 Little Swinburne, £89 Stotsfold, £87 Little Swinburne, £86 Grange House, £80 Little Swinburne, £77 Prospect Grange, £74 Newbiggin, £73 Stotsfold & Townfoot, £72 Low Staples, £71 & £70 Grange House, £70 Little Swinburne. Suffolk x: £73 Grange House. Dutch Texel: £88 Little Swinburne (x2). Leicester: £90 Baal Hill, £74 Carry House. Cheviot: £51 Brieredge. Mule: £68 The Old School, £61 Carry House, £60 Settlingstones, £58 Barron House & Little Swinburne, £57 Stotsfold & Newbiggin. Blackface: £54 Brieredge, £50 Barron House, £49 Hole Farm, £48 Barron House & Townfoot, £46 Carry House (x2). Swaledale: £47 Stotsfold, £40 Wolf Hills. Crossbred: £55 & £52 Middle Moor.

Store lambs. Hexham & Northern Marts held their weekly catalogued sale of 1317 Store lambs. More numbers forward on the week that met the same demand as last week and maybe even sharper, especially for the shorter keep lambs. Highest priced lambs of the day came from Thomas Wilson, Throstle Nest, and Messrs JA Beattie & Son, South Farm, selling texel x lambs to £76. Messrs K & SM Johnson, Wolf Hills sold a great run of sheep to £74. Mule lambs from H & L Morshead, Harsondale soldto a high of £69.

Texel x: £76 Throstle Nest & South Farm, £75.50 South Farm, £74 Wolf Hills, £73.50 Prospect Grange, £73 Stone Hall & Glendale, £71 Newbiggin, Whittonshields & Grange House, £70.50 Prospect Grange, £70 Laburnum Cottage & South Farm, £68.50 The Old School & Laburnum Cottage, £68 Throstle Nest, £67.50 Burnbank, £67 Stone Hall, Wolf Hills & South Farm. Dutch Texel x: £67.50 Burnbank. Suffolk x: £69.50 Snabdough (x2), £65.50 Settlingstones, £64.50 Snabdough. Beltex x: £74.50 Throstle Nest, £71 Fell Lane, £69.50 Whittonshields, £68 Fell Lane. Mule: £69 & £63 (x2) Harsondale, £59.50 Sanders Close.

On Wednesday 31 July Scots Gap auction mart held their summer prize show of Prime and Cast sheep kindly sponsored by Robson & Prescott Veterinary Practice, Morpeth and expertly judged by regular buyer and noted authority on all classes of prime lambs Mr Jamie Curle, Bowsden, Berwick on Tweed.

A small but quality show of lambs were presented before the judge following an excessively wet night and all were a credit to their breeders.

The Championship rosette and the silver trophy were presented to the 1st prize pen of Beltex cross – bred lambs from local producer William Hall, New Houses, Hallington by Jo Forwood from Robson & Prescott and the exceptional pen of 5 weighing 42kg sold for £110.00 each (261.9ppkg) to regular purchaser Jeff Dunn, Ponteland.

The Reserve Champion prize went to Andy Cuthbert, Capheaton, New Houses for his first prize pen of Texel crosses which at 43kg sold for £85 to the judge.

The Young farmer’s tankard was awarded to Alice Hall, Hallington New Houses for the second year in succession and her smart pair of Beltex crosses at 41kg sold for £100 each, (243.9ppkg) also to Jeff Dunn.

The 1st prize pen of Cast ewes, 5 smart Lleyn ewes from Malcom, Anne & David Corbett, Dykehead, Otterburn opened the day’s trading and sold for £83 each completing the trio of prize winning purchases by Jeff Dunn.

Prize List.

Champion: E & I Hall & Son, Hallington New Houses.

Reserve Champion: R & A Cuthbert, Capheaton New Houses.

Beltex cross. 1st Prize: E & I Hall & Son, Hallington New Houses. 2nd Prize: D & I Wallace, Bridgeford.

Texel cross. 1st Prize: R & A Cuthbert, Capheaton New Houses. 2nd Prize – P & MO Robson & Son, Dene House.

Suffolk cross. 1st prize: D F Brodie, The Chesters. 2nd prize: P & MO Robson & Son, Dene House.

Young Farmers. 1st prize: Alice Hall, Hallington New Houses. (Beltex cross). 2nd Prize: Connor Bradley, Runny Mede, Molesden. (Texel Cross). 3rd prize: Aidan Bradley, Runny Mede, Molesden. (Hampshire).

Ewes. 1st prize: L Corbett & Co, Dykehead. 2nd prize: W Taylor & Son, Great Bavington.

Out- with the show, 385 Prime and Cast sheep were presented and with increased demand sold to average £78.26 for 45kg exactly with an SQQ figure of 178.5ppkg.

The sale peaked at £90 twice for heavy Texel cross lambs from Jim & Helen Gledson, Buteland and Philip Dickinson, Rugley Walls and at 198.1ppkg for 41kg Beltex crosses from William Hall.

Suffolk crosses sold to £84.50 for heavies from Dave Brodie, The Chesters and Mules to £71.20 (170.7p) from Edward Thoburn, Pitland Hills.

Prime lambs. Texel x: £90 Buteland, £90 Rugley Walls, £87 Dene House, £85 (x2) Buteland, £85 Pitland Hills, £85 New Houses, Capheaton, £84 Buteland, £83.20 Bridgeford, £83 Rugley Walls, £82 Tosson Tower, £81.20 New Houses, Hallington, £81 (x3) Holystone Estate, £80.50 New Houses, Capheaton. 198.1p New Houses, Hallington, 197.7p New Houses, Capheaton, 197.0p Bridgeford, 196.3p New Houses, Capheaton, 195.1p New Houses, Hallington, 190.5p Black Callerton, 181.8p Tosson Tower, 180.9p Buteland, 176.6p Rugley Wall, 175.0p Bridgeford, 175.0p Gunnerton, 175.0p Runny Mede. Beltex x: £110 & £100 New Houses, Hallington, £82 Bridgeford. 261.9p & 243.9p New Houses, Hallington, 195.2p Bridgeford. Suffolk x: £84.50 & £83.80 The Chesters, £80 Dene House, £79.20 The Chesters, £76.50 New Houses, Capheaton & £76.50 Dene House. 171.4p Black Callerton, 170.0p New Houses, Capheaton, 170.0p Dene House, 169.0p & 168.5p The Chesters. Mule: £71.20, £70, 170.7p & 169.5p Pitland Hills. Hampshire: £65 & 166.7p Runny Mede.

Cast ewes and rams. Texel x: £96 Great Bavington. Lleyn: £83, £71.50, £68 Dykehead. Suffolk x: £84 Gunnerton. Mule: £70 & £57.50 Great Bavington. Blackface Ram: £76 Pitland Hills. Blackface Ewe: £64 Pitland Hills.

On Tuesday, Hexham and Nothern Marts held their weekly sale of prime sheep and cattle.

A nice show of butchers cattle that topped at 215.5ppk for a very shapey Angus x heifer from M/s A Hall & Sons, Barker House.

Limousin Steers: £1143.66 & 194.5p Barker House. Limousin Heifers: £1155.11 & 199.5p Barker House. Charolais Heifers: £1162.73 & 209.5p Flotterton. Angus Heifers: £1256.37 & 215.5p Barker House.


A smaller, plainer show of cows forward this week maintaining previous week’s trade with the better end of cows still 145-152ppk

Sale highlight was a large Limousin cow from M/s JE Henderson & Sons, Burntongues selling for 151.5ppk.

Limousin: £1248.36 Burntongues, £1149.48 & £1037.53 Rusheylaw, £960.89 East Uppertown, £826.55 Eastbarns, £814.58 Dunns Houses. 151.5p Burntongues, 149.5p & 139.5p Rusheylaw, 135.5p Eastbarns, 129.5p East Uppertown, 120.5p Dunns Houses, 119.5p Eastbarns. Angus: £1079.23 East Uppertown, £1062.36 Fell Lane. 122.5p East Uppertown, 119.5p Fell Lane. Simmental: £930.23 & £910. 39 Dunns Houses. 130.5p Stoop Rigg, 129.5p Dunns Houses.

Prime sheep and lambs.

Another increased show of lambs forward and in line with the national trend the average rose by 8p on the week with the total sale averaging £81.58 per head.

Top price per kilo was 226.2p sold late in the sale from Linacres.

Texel x: £98 Little Swinburne, £95 The Cartshed, £93 West Shields, £92.50 High Eshells & Paxton Dene, £91 Loadman, £90 Highwood, St Oswalds, High Baulk, East Newham, East House, Paxton Dene, Little Swinburne (x2) & Loadman (x2), £89.50 Milbourne Town Farm & West Shields, £89 Milbourne Town Farm, £88.50 High Eshells, Moss Barns & Longshaws, £88 Great Chesters, Little Swinburne & Nilston Rigg, £87.50 East House & Milbourne Town Farm, £87 Linacres (x2) & West Shields, £86.50 Thornley & Paxton Dene (x2), £86 Little Swinburne & Wallhouses, £85.50 Elpha Green & East House, £85 Highwood, Low Eshells, Wallhouses, Bingfield East Quarter, Warksfield Head, East Matfen & Nilston Rigg, £84.50 Thornley, Partridge Nest & Stoop Rigg, £84 Highwood, Bulls Hill, Partridge Nest, East Newham, East House, Nunwick, Warksfield Head & Linacres, £83.50 Stobby Lea, Low Eshells, Chesterwood & Warksfield Head, £83 Highwood, East Newham & Milbourne Town Farm, £82.50 Low Eshells, Elpha Green & North Cocklake (x2). 222.7p Little Swinburne, 214.3p East House, 210.7p Longshaws, 209.3p High Baulk & Little Swinburne, 208.5p East House, 207.1p Linacres, 206.8p Loadman, 205.8p High Eshells, 204.9p East Newham, 202.4p East Matfen, 201.2p Paxton Dene, 201.1p High Eshells, 200p St Oswalds, East House, Paxton Dene, Little Swinburne & Loadman. 198.9p East House, 196.7p Moss Barns, 196.6p Paxton Dene, 195.7p Paxton Dene & Little Swinburne, 195.6p Little Swinburne, 195.2p High Baulk, 195p Moss Barns, 194.2p Chesterwood, 192.9p East Matfen, 192.1p Partridge Nest, 191.9p Thornley, 191.5p East Newham, 191.3p Kirkley Hall, 190.9p Linacres, 190.7p & 190.5p St Oswalds, 189.5p Chesterwood, 189.1p West Shields, 189p Sherburn Tower & Stoop Rigg, 188.6p Milbourne Town Farm, 188.4p Partridge Nest, 187.5p Low Eshells & North Cocklake. Dutch Texel x: £91.50 & £91 (x2) Little Swinburne, £87.50, £86, £85, £84.50, £82 & £81 Agars Hill

216.7p Little Swinburne (x2), 210.3p, 207.7p, 206.1p & 203.5p Agars Hill, 203.3p Little Swinburne, 197.7p & 191.1p Agars Hill. Suffolk x: £90 Sunniside, £85 Grindon Hill & Sunniside, £83.50 Thornley, £83 St Oswalds, £82.50 Low Eshells, £82 Grindon Hill, East Newham & Sunniside, £81.50 Sunny Farm, £80 Broadgates & Sunniside (x2), £79.50 Lunns House, £79 Grindon Hill & Sunniside, £78.50 Gunnerton Demesne, £78 Wallhouses, £77 Lunns House, £76.50 Black Hedley & Lunns House. 188.9p Sunniside, 188.6p St Oswalds, 186.9p Gunnerton Demesne, 186.1p Sunniside, 185.2p Sunny Farm, 183.7p Sunniside & Grindon Hill, 183.3p Lunns House, 182.2p East Newham, 181.8p Sunniside, 181.5p Thornley, 180.7p Lunns House, 180p Sunniside, , 178.3p Grindon Hill, 177.4p Bingfield East Quarter, 175.5p Low Eshells, 174.5p Sunniside, 171.4p Merryshields, 170p Lunns House. Beltex x: £95 & £94.50 Linacres, £94 & £90.50 St Oswalds, £82 St Oswalds & Sherburn Tower. 226.2p Linacres, 218.6p St Oswalds, 214.8p Linacres, 195.2p St Oswalds, 190.7p Sherburn Tower, 188.5p St Oswalds. Charollais x: £73.50 & 188.5p Sherburn Tower. Cheviot Mule: £80 & 173.9p Wallhouses. Mule: £84 Stoop Rigg

Cast ewes and rams.

Texel x: £71, £62 & £60 West Shields. Mule: £64 West Shields, £62 Hedchester Law.