THE goal of any musician is to get their work out there to be enjoyed by as many people as possible.

For many, the best way to do that is to distribute it via a record label – and when it comes to record labels, it’s a case of bigger is better.

So it’s no wonder that a pair musicians from the district are celebrating, after their track was signed to a major name.

Producer and DJ Matty Stokoe, from Hexham, and singer songwriter Anna Harrison’s track, I Want You To, has been snapped up by Big Top Amsterdam.

It’s the first collaboration between the two well-known Tyne Valley artists.

The record label, music publisher and media company was founded by Dutch DJ and producer Lodewijk Fluttert, who is better known by his stage name Bakermat.

The Dutchman has charted in countries across Europe and performed around the world. His unorthodox style of electronic, deep and tropical house, techno music with jazz and soul influences inspired other European DJs to make similar music.

Make no mistake, having a song signed to his label is something of a big deal.

Named for big top circus tents, the company scouts, develops and markets the newest talents in the music industry, focusing on uniqueness and originality of artists who are willing to take risks and push boundaries.

For Matty, it’s the culmination of years of hard work as a producer.

He initially made a name for himself by performing around the region as an acoustic artist.

However, as Matty got older he swapped the guitar for DJ decks and a Macbook and turned to dance music.

Matty started his own label in 2016 whilst studying at Sunderland University.

The label, Statik Records, has released several tracks with various other artists over the years, including Newcastle rapper Kay Greyson, who performed at Corbridge Festival this year.

Matty has been well supported by BBC Newcastle’s Nick Roberts, who heads up the station’s BBC Introducing segment.

As well as his record label, Matty also performed on the main stage at Lindisfarne Festival last year, and now regularly performs on the Newcastle club scene.

However, he’s confident that signing the deal represents a step into the big time.

Matty said: “It’s really big – Bakermat is a big deal.

“He’s an international DJ. Some of his tracks have 74 million listens.

“It’s come together really quick. It was all because I put a status on Facebook asking for a singer and Anna responded.

“I sent the track to Big Top the night after I finished it.

“The next day I had missed calls and emails saying that they wanted the track – I thought it was a wind-up.

“I feel like all the years I’ve been producing for have been worthwhile.

“It’s a good time for me because I’ve just graduated from Sunderland. It couldn’t have come at a better time.”

Matty met Anna through a mutual friend, and I Want You To is the first track they’ve recorded together.

Anna is something of a familiar face on Tynedale’s music scene, despite never having any formal musical education.

However, it’s been a while since she featured on the Soundcheck pages.

Her music career was kick-started by victory at the Allendale Fair in 2012, when her performance of Leona Lewis’s version of the Snow Patrol Hit Run brought the crowd to their feet and tears to the eyes of the judges.

In June 2015, she broke into the iTunes top 40, climbing above the likes of Taylor Swift and Mumford and Sons.

Her charity single, Moments, was written for and dedicated to popular Wark farmer Stu Ridley.

Stu, who died in 2015, had been diagnosed with a brain tumour earlier that same year.

It was expected that she would go on to big things after the success of Moments, but Anna took a break after releasing the track.

I Want You To is the first time she has moved into dance music, and early indications suggest it will bring the success many people tipped her for.

Anna explained: “I’ve sung since I was little, but never professionally.

“I did a song for Stay Strong Stu but then I took a hiatus.

“I was blown away when I heard we’d been signed. It’s the first time I’ve done a dance song.

“I’ve sung at Tynedale Beer Festival, Allendale May Fair and Haydon Bridge Festival before, just local things.

“The first time Matty and I actually met was when I recorded the song.

“I’m really surprised. You hear about this sort of thing, but you don’t expect this to happen to you.

“It’s big news for us when we’re trying to get gigs.”

The track will be released in mid-August, under the handle of Statik with Anna Harrison.

Matty continued: “It’s very catchy. It’s old school house, with a modern twist.”

Anna agreed “It’s good vibes,” she added.

It’s unlikely to be the last we hear from Anna and Matty – the quick success means both are keen to work together again.

Moreover, they’re hopeful that the exposure given by Big Top Amsterdam will lead on to bigger things for them both.

Matty said: “Big Top do parties abroad. I want to use it to go and play abroad.

“It’s going to go really well. All of the tracks on the label have at least a million listens. Obviously that’s just a projection.

“They have a big PR team and we have a good publishing team now too.

“It will lead to better gigs for both of us.”

Once I Want You To is released in August, it will be available through all the usual streaming sites, as well as directly through Big Top Amsterdam’s website.

Both Anna and Matty will be sharing the track via their social media pages, which can be found at Anna Harrison Music and Statik Records UK respectively.