ROAD RAGE: Leading figures across Hexham backed a safety campaign organised by John Rourke, after his daughter Katie was hit by an ambulance on Allendale Road.

CYCLE SABOTAGE: Residents in Wylam feared that it was just a matter of time before a cyclist was injured, after carpet tacks were left on the Wylam Waggonway cycle path in an apparent vendetta against cyclists.

PARENT POWER: Teachers opposing a bid for Ponteland High School to become one of the Government’s flagship foundation schools were calling for a public debate and parental ballot on the issue.

GOING SWIMMINGLY: Claims that Haltwhistle Swimming and Leisure Centre was to close due to financial difficulties were vehemently denied by its chairman, Coun. Alan Sharp.


PURRFECT DAY: Hexham policeman Paul Harris scaled a 30-foot tree to rescue Sid the stricken cat. PC Harris climbed the tree on Priestlands to rescue the cat, which had been missing from his home at Malt Kiln in Hexham for three days.

HOMES HAMMERED: There were claps and cheers when Tynedale Council’s planning committee blew out the controversial plans from housing giants Belway to build 500 homes to the west of Hexham.

SALE CHOPPED: The long campaign to prevent Kielder Forest from falling into private hands paid off, when the government decided not to sell the Forestry Commission land after a lengthy review.

HEAD HOPES: The headteacher of Prudhoe High School, John Baumber, launched an attempt to raise £10,00 for charity by the end of 1995, with the money to go to Tynedale Community Hospice and Prudhoe Arts Initiative.


GOVERNANCE GRIPES: The Tynedale district was embroiled in the reorganisation of local government. There was outrage in Prudhoe, where the urban district council opposed the recommendations of the Redcliffe-Maude report which said Prudhoe should lose its local authority status.

IN PICTURE: Television viewers in Warden and Fourstones were surprised when they started picking up colour pictures in their homes – on black and white sets!

ON PARADE: Haydon Bridge Silver Band had the honour of leading the Eden Colliery Lodge in the grand parade at the Durham Miner’s Gala. On their return, they gave a repeated performance on John Martin Street in the village.


HOLIDAY HI-JINKS: The opening of Hexham’s second home holiday week was heralded by a peal from the Abbey bells. One of the highlights of the week was a baseball match on the Sele between teams from the US army.

VILLAGE SPORTS: Youth organisations in Wall joined in a sports day on the village green, when prizes given by the school managers were handed out by Mrs Selby Wood.

NEW VICAR: The Rev. T. W Byrne, curate of St Oswald’s Church at Walkergate for the previous 11 years, was inducted as vicar of Humshaugh.


WELL WELL: Hexham rural council heard from its sanitary inspector that some residents of Slaley obtained their water from a well in a field some 200 yards from the main road, while others got theirs from a pump in a field at the opposite side of the road. One farmer drew his water from a well 640 yards from his house.

PRETTY HEXHAM: Hexham was decorated for the peace celebrations – though not on the scale of the golden and diamond jubilees of Queen Victoria. There was a procession of school children through the streets and a kite flying competition was followed by a fireworks display.

VICTORY PAGEANT: The sum of £150 was raised at Corbridge to provide tea for 400 children and there was also a tea for the adults.


HEXHAM’S TRAMS: A start was made on the laying of a tramway on the bed of a burn at the foot of Gilesgate in Hexham in connection with the operation of the tanneries.

WOOL FAIR: There was a good attendance of farmers and wool staplers at the Bellingham Wool Fair, but prices were down by about 6d per stone, and little business was done.

ON SONG: Hexham Abbey choir and bellringers went off on their annual excursion to Redcar, where cobles were engaged for those who desired fishing.


KICKING OFF: A woman was injured when, whilst walking on Tyne Green, she stopped to pet two horses. The first appreciated it, but the second took offence and kicked her in the chest, knocking her to the ground senseless. It was reported that it could be some time before she would recover.