On Tuesday, Hexham and Northern Mart held their weekly sale of prime sheep and cattle.

A better show of clean cattle this week with handy weight heifers easy to sell but heavier cattle in line with national trend and slightly easier.

Highest grossing beast was a Limousin x heifer from M/s E Telfer & Son, High House selling to £1344.01 to M/s JA Jewitt Ltd. Topping the pence per kilo was a Limousin x heifer from M/s G Carins & Ptns Broomhall Farm selling to 217.5ppk to Angus Foods Ltd

Limousin Heifers: £1344.01 Newton High House, £1270.20 & £1262.83 Broomhall. 217.5p & 215.5p Rochester, 188.5p Newton High House. Limousin Steers: £1294.52 & £1278.04 Rochester. 193.5p & 179.5p Rochester. Charolais Heifers: £1179.38 & 187.5p Flotterton.

Young Bull.

A good well fleshed bull forward from Ms G Carins & Ptns, Broomhall Farm sold to 188.5ppk (£1235.43). Limousin: £1235.43 & 185.5p Rochester.


Another good entry of cast cows at Hexham this week which saw some well fleshed cows a good trade again. Slightly heavier cows with less flesh would be in line with yesterday’s trade and easier on the week.

Feeding cows, and dairy cows in particular, very easily cashed once again with many in that 100ppk – 120ppk bracket.

Sale was topped by a pure British Blue cow from local breeders, M/s E Telfer & Son, High House for 190.5ppk (£1689.74). Mrs VS Allgood, Nunwick sold Blue x cows to £1267.13 and Mrs R & Mr MJ Lee, Harwood Shield also sold Blue x cows to £1229.59

Cast Bulls from Mr J Charlton, Tenter House sold to 120.5ppk (£1288.15)

New customers to the ring, Peepy Farm Ltd., Cairhead Farm, Cumbria saw Holstein Friesians sold to 108.5ppk.

All classes of cows sold well.

Limousin: £1212 Swarland Old Hall, £1133.98 Flotterton, £1059.38 High Alderheads, 1056.51 Parkside, £1001.82 Swarland Old Hall, £984.74 Harwood Shield, £982.22 Flotterton, £885.50 Harwood Shield. 167.5p Flotterton, 164.5p High Alderheads, 151.5p Swarland Old Hall, 149.5p Flotterton, 141.5p Swarland Old Hall, 138.5p Harwood Shield, 136.5p Parkside, 126.5p Harwood Shield. Angus: £1216.22 Flotterton, £1208.78 & £1088.91 Flotterton, £1048.60 West Shields, £987.26 Flotterton, £878.50 & £860.93 West Shields. 177.5p 175.5p, 166.5p & 154.5p Flotterton, 132.5p, 125.5p, 129.5p & 117.5p West Shields. Angus (Bull): £965.71 Hedley Park. British Blue: £1689.74 Newton High House, £1267.13 Nunwick, £1229.59 Harwood Shield, £999.60 Errington, £997.35 Flotterton, £857.96 Harwood Shield. 190.5p Newton High House, 163.5p Nunwick & Flotterton, 150.5p Harwood Shield. Charolais (Bull): £1288.15 & 120.5p Tenter House. Simmental: £977.55 & 122.5p Errington. Stabiliser: £736.02 & 136.5p Nunwick. Holstein Friesian: £847.39 Peepy.

Prime sheep and lambs

A nice show of lambs and more than last week. Trade generally easier following on from the drop at the end of last week and more lambs coming out.

Texel x: £98 Aydonshields & Nilston Rigg, £96.50 Nunwick, £96 Thornbrough & Longshaws, £95 Aydonshields, £93 (x2) Grange House, £92 Barrasford Green, Gunnerton Demesne & Aydonshields, £91 Sherburn Tower , £90.50 Grange House, £90 Nunwick (x2), Luns House (x2), Aydonshields (x2), Longshaws & Nilston Rigg, £89.50 Nilston Rigg, £89 Grange House & Longshaws, £88.50 Nilston Rigg, £87 Barrasford Green, Gunnerton Demesne (x2), Longshaws & Beaumont House (x2), £86.50 Nunwick & Nilston Rigg. 254p Nunwick, 240p Longshaws, 234.2p Grange House & Thornbrough, 230.8p Nunwick (x2) & Longshaws, 229p Gunnerton Demesne, 227.5p Sherburn Tower, 223.7p Thornbrough & Longshaws, 219.5p Nilston Rigg, 217.8p Aydonshields, 217.5p Gunnerton Demesne & Beaumont House, 216.3p Nunwick & Nilston Rigg, 215.8p Salmonswell, 212.2p Barrasford Green, 211.1p Aydonshields, 210.5p Grange House, 209.1p Aydonshields, 207.7p Gunnerton Demesne, 207p Longshaws, 205.8p Nilston Rigg, 204.9p Grange House, 204.6p Luns House, 203.4p Nilston Rigg, 202.6p Salmonswell, 202.3p Beaumont House, 200p Barrasford Green, Gunnerton Demesne, Aydonshields & Nilston Rigg. Suffolk x: £91 Nilston Rigg, £90 Matfen High House, Sherburn Tower & Luns House, £85 Matfen High House. 214.3p Sherburn Tower, 200p, 195p & 190p Luns House, 189.6p Nilston Rigg.

Prime hoggs. Texel x: £75 Morrowfield, £70 Dotland Park. 137.3p Dotland Park, 123p Morrowfield. Suffolk x: £87 & £75 Morrowfield. 114.5p & 110.3p Morrowfield. Mule: £63 Colwell Demesne.

Cast ewes and rams. Texel x: £82 Dotland Park, £80 Matfen High House, £79 Dotland Park. Suffolk x: £75 Morrowfield. Mule: £65 Morrowfield.

On Friday, Hexham & Northern Marts offered a catalogued entry of 150 head of store cattle at their weekly sale of prime sheep and cattle.

A reduced entry as is usual at this time of year was met by a reduced ringside of buyers; as is also usual at this time of year with grassland and other operations taking precedence.

The sale peaked at £1290 for a strong Angus cross bullock, by a registered sire, at 20 months of age from David Johnson, Blackhalls, with a Limmy cross at the same age selling to £1240 from Geoff Ogle, Blackburn. Older heifers peaked £1190 for a smart red Limousin cross from Brian Charlton, East Newham who followed with another at £1165.

Younger cattle remained sought after and peaked at £1140 for an Angus cross from regular consignors, Messrs Faill, Hedley West whilst Messrs Carruthers, Silloans came forward with a trademark batch of well-bred Limousin and Limousin cross stores that peaked at £1125 for a smart steer at 12 months. Heifers in this bracket peaked at £1105 for a sleek, black British Blue cross at just ten months of age from Colleen MacDonald, Light Birks.

Buyers remain keen for cattle showing the potential to go on and perform whilst trade for secondary types is becoming increasingly selective. Breeders with cattle yet to be sold are urged to contact our auctioneers who will be pleased to visit farms and appraise cattle as required.

Cattle 23 – 30 months. Charolais x heifers: £1060 Risehead. Limousin x steers: £1240, £1180 (x2) & £1170 Blackburn. Limousin x heifers: £1190 & £1165 East Newham, £1130 Blackhalls, £1070 Piatroon. British Blue x steers: £1190 Blackburn. Angus x steers: £1290 Blackhalls. Angus x heifers: £1100 & £1035 Blackhalls.

Cattle 17 – 22 months. Charolais x steers: £1230 Rare Dean. Charolais x heifers: £1140 & £1040 Rare Dean. Limousin x steers: £1210 & £1150 Horseholme. Limousin x heifers: £1095 East Newham, £1070 & £1030 Piatroon.

Cattle 11 – 16 months. Charolais x steers: £1050 Hedley West, £1000 Tenter House. Charolais x heifers: £925 Tenter House. Limousin x steers: £1125, £1090, £1080, £1050, £1045, £1030, £1020 & £990 Silloans, £940 Horseholme & Tenter House. Limousin x heifers: £990, £985, £980 & £935 Grange House, £920 Salmonswell. British Blue x heifers: £1105 Light Birks, £1015 Cooper House, £1000, £990 & £960 Light Birks. Angus x steers: £1140 & £990 Hedley West. Angus x heifers: £905 Hedley Park. Beef Shorthorn steers: £900 Hedley Park.

Cattle 10 months and under. Limousin x steers: £900 (x2) Edges Green. British Blue x heifers: £900 (x2) Light Birks. Angus x steers: £840 Ricknall Mill. Angus x heifers: £855 Ricknall Mill.

Breeding cattle.

At their June Beef Breeding Sale the mart offered a small but quality entry of heifers and cows with calves at foot to a relatively small crowd of buyers at the ringside due largely to better weather prompting silage operations.

The sale peaked at £2600 for an outstanding ¾ bred Limousin cross with her 7/8 bred steer calf at foot from M/s Foley Bros., Mirlaw House who sold nine similar outfits to average a respectable £2266.

The company have a number of batches of breeding cattle for sale including heifers and stock cows with calves at foot, in calf and bulling heifers and the auctioneers would welcome any enquiries.

Bulls. Limousin: 1750gns Luns House (6 ½ years).

Heifers & 2nd calvers with calves at foot. Limousin: £2600, £2550 & £2500 Mirlaw House, £2100 Mirlaw House (x2), West Wharmley & Low Carriteth, £2000 Tosson Glebe & West Wharmley, £1950 Mirlaw House, £1900 West Wharmley & Low Carriteth. Angus: £2400 & £2200 Mirlaw House, £1900 Low Carriteth. Hereford: £2000 Mirlaw House.

Cows with calves at foot. Limousin: £1400 Dene House. British Blue: £1380 East Cocklaw, £1350 & £1300 Jolly Body.

Breeding & store sheep. A smaller entry of breeding sheep this week with the season coming to a close but what was forward were eagerly bid for and trade would be significantly improved to last week.

Topping the sale was a young 2 crop Cheviot ewe with Suffolk x twin lambs selling to £200 from Mr J Gillespie, Huntlaw Cottage.

M/s Rochester & Murray, Glebe Farm, Co Durham sold Mule hoggs with single Texel x lambs at foot to £172 and £170.

Hoggs with lambs at foot. Texel x: £170 (x2) Glebe Farm. Mule: £172 & £170 Glebe Farm.

Ewes with lambs at foot. Suffolk x: £126 (single) Huntlaw Cottage. Cheviot x: £200 & £194 Huntlaw, £148 (twins) Heatheridge, £128 (singles) Huntlaw Cottage. Blackface: £102, £92 & £84 Low Carriteth.

Cast ewes. Hexham and Northern Marts held its weekly sale of 132 cast sheep. Less cast sheep forward this week which on the week would be easier, with the end of the festival happening mid-week, but slightly in front of other centres. Leaner ewes and hill ewes especially were keenly bid for with plenty of horned ewes selling between £6--£70. The sheep that took the biggest hit would be the over fat sheep.

Texel: £86 West Shields. Texel x: £88 New Dotland, £85 Wolf Hills, £81 Moorlaws, £79 South Side, £76 East Haydon & Grange Farm, £74 Wolf Hills & Grange Farm, £69 South Side. Suffolk: £95 New Dotland. Suffolk x: £77 High Keenley Fell. Leicester: £100 Hole Farm. Mule: £72 East Haydon, £71 New Dotland, £69 Grange Farm, £68 Allenheads Farm, £64 High Keenley Fell, £61 Moorlaws, Steel Hall & West Shields. Blackface: £76 New Dotland, £70 Hole Farm & New Dotland, £61 West Shields. Swaledale: £47 Wolf Hills, £36 Allenheads Farm. Crossbred: £63 Grange Farm.

Store hoggs. Well fleshed hogs still easily cashed with Suffolk x hoggs from Mr J Proctor, New Dotland selling to £83. The same vendor sold Blackface hoggs to £74. M/s JP & F Scott, Westburnhope, sold Swale hoggs to £71.

Texel x: £77.50 West Shields, £69 Low Eals & Moorlaws. Suffolk x: £83 & £66.50 New Dotland. Mule: £63 New Dotland. Blackface: £74 & £56 New Dotland. Swaledale: £71 Westburnhope, £51 Moorlaws. Crossbred: £80 West Shields.