A CONTEMPORARY ballet for contemporary times, Matthew Bourne's award-winning masterpiece Swan Lake returns to the Theatre Royal, in Newcastle, playing to appreciative audiences. 

Set to Tchaikovsky's iconic score, Bourne bravely dared to depart from convention to create a stunning production that took the ballet world by storm. Although the show first hit the stage in 1995 it is as fresh, and exciting as ever in this touring production. 

The company includes Will Bozier, who performed as ‘Harry the Pilot’ during the 2018 tour of Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella and also former English National Ballet star Max Westwell, who impressed in the West End's An American in Paris.Both Principle dancers are making their debuts in the role of ‘The Swan’.

Also reprising their roles as the 'The Prince’ are Liam Mower and Dominic North.  Nicole Kabera performs as the glacial Queen, Glenn Graham as the humourless 'Private Secretary' and Katrina Lyndon who excels in the comedic role of the Prince's "Girlfriend". 

Collecting numerous accolades including an Olivier in the UK and three Tony awards on Broadway, Matthew Bourne defied convention by replacing the female corps-de-ballet with an all male ensemble. The refined and elegant swans of the classic are replaced with fierce, visceral creatures that tantalise and thrill from the moment they appear on stage. 

The part of 'The Swan' is any Principle dancer's dream role and once these mesmeric creature steps onto the stage the audience is captivated. 

The storyline revolves around a prince whose seemingly charmed life is nothing more than a charade. He longs to escape the claustrophobic court and his empty existence. Contemplating suicide, a chance encounter with a Swan, that symbolises unfettered freedom gives him renewed hope. However, once the swan and the Prince's lives become entangled, there are unimaginable consequences that end in a catastrophic conclusion. 

Matthew Bourne's creative tour de force combines both gripping story telling with visually stunning choreography to produce a show that is utterly breathtaking and thrilling to watch. 

The production runs until Saturday, May 18 with evening performances as well as two matinee performances on Thursday and Saturday afternoons. 

By Liz Robinson