IT’S probably fair to say that the music in most nightclubs is not for everyone.

But one student from Hexham holds such disdain for the type of tunes pumped out in clubs that he decided to do something about it.

Tiernan Briggs, who is studying a Masters by research in biomedicine at Lancaster University, joined up with a group of like minded musicians at the start of the year to form a rock cover band called Weird and Wonderful.

The four piece outfit consists of Tiernan on bass, Nadeem Akhlaq on drums, Alex Doe on guitar and Timmey Berry on vocals.

Tiernan explained: “The drummer picked the name, we didn’t have one and we really needed one because a gig we were playing asked for one for publicity.

“I met them all at uni. I’m good mates with Nadeem and he was looking for a bass player and a singer, so I just thought why not.

“At the minute we play classic rock, but it’s all sorts from Queen to Rage Against the Machine – anything that sounds sick.”

With his career aspirations firmly rooted in science, the band is simply a way for Tiernan and his bandmates to have fun.

In addition, Weird and Wonderful have played at fund-raising gigs to raise money for cancer research.

Tiernan continued: “We’re not really big enough to make a lot of money for ourselves.

“We played a gig in the Great Hall at Lancaster University for Cancer Research, and we’ve done a couple of other fund-raisers too.

“We’d rather just play gigs that get everyone moshing, which is the way it should be.

“We all just love playing music and decided it was worth playing some fun stuff, as opposed to the rubbish you get in clubs.”

Although he started playing bass at a fairly young age, a long hiatus during his time at Queen Elizabeth High School in sixth form and at an undergraduate level meant Tiernan had some learning to do, on a bass guitar he actually built himself.

He added: “I started playing bass when I was 13, but I had a break from sixth from and undergraduate, and I’d completely forgotten how to play and had to relearn.

“I actually built the bass guitar I play at GCSE in product design. I thought I may as well make something cool.

“It was sat in my room half finished with no electronics for years, but I finally got it finished.”