FALLING during a significant time in the world trade of British beef, Great British Beef Week returns to champion the country’s high quality, high welfare, home-produced beef between April 1-7.

Supporting the campaign this year is beef, sheep and arable John Goodfellow of Goodfellow Farming Ltd, The Riding, Bellingham, who said with a potential trade deal with the US looming over British farmers, the public need to be backing its beef industry now more than ever.

“Its a tense time for beef farmers right now because we know that if a trade deal is struck with the US, it will be incredibly hard for us to compete with the low prices of American beef being imported into Britain,” said John.

“We are also concerned about the quality of meat which could come into the country. It is no secret imported beef will be flooded with hormones and antibiotics, because they don’t subscribe to the same standards of health and welfare which British farmers have to. We’ll only use antibiotics on a necessary basis.

“Great British Beef Week is important because it helps to highlight our high standards, animal welfare and great quality – all of which has resulted in British beef being considered some of the best in the world.”

The campaign was spearheaded by Ladies in Beef, a group of more than 150 female beef farmers who care passionately about what they do. Farmers, beef producers and other stakeholders who would like to support Great British Beef Week can find out more information and download material to share on social media or display in store by visiting the website www.ladiesinbeef.org.uk