WEBCAMS have transformed the lives of one farming couple, who can now watch what’s happening in their barns from the comfort of bed – or even from the hairdressers.

Angela Lee, who farms with husband Michael at Harwood Shield Farm, Hexhamshire, made the day for staff and clients at a Corbridge hairdressing salon when she checked up on the progress of one of their cows.

“We recently installed one webcam in the cow shed so we can keep watch on the animals, and another webcam is in the barn ready for lambing,” she said.

“I was having my hair cut and coloured at Reflections and killing a bit of time, so I thought I’d check up on the cow. I saw she was uneasy and knew the birth was imminent.”

The stylists in Reflections salon realised they could watch the event taking place 12 miles away on Angela’s phone, so they gathered round and a loud cheer went up when the calf was born.

“The girls were fascinated and they asked loads of questions,” said Angela. “As we watched the cow giving birth, I explained that the calf would come out front feet first.

“Hayley, my hairdresser, said it was shooting out like Superman.

“It’s a lovely, lively, little heifer, so obviously I’ve got to call it Hayley.”

Hayley Henderson herself said: “I feel honoured, thrilled and delighted.

“I’ve never seen anything like this – certainly not in a hairdresser’s – and it was an education with Angela explaining exactly what was going on.”

The Lees have a mixed beef herd and 1,600 sheep. Having the webcams had made all the difference, said Angela, not least in that they could judge whether they really needed to leave their warm beds.