THE stereotypical idea of a 70-year-old probably involves slippers, a cup of tea and the Antiques Roadshow.

It certainly doesn’t involve releasing a debut solo album – unless you’re Allendale’s Liz Conway.

Her choice of instrument isn’t exactly conventional either. Liz plays the unusual mountain dulcimer, a fretted string instrument originated in the Appalachian region of America.

Liz fell in love with the instrument after playing a friend’s in the 1970s, and her current dulcimer was made by Whitley Chapel’s Stefan Sobell

Liz released her 14-track album Downhill All The Way last year to celebrate her 70th birthday – but it wasn’t all about her.

In fact, Liz will be donating all the profits from the album to Mesothelioma UK, in memory of her late husband Terry.

Mesothelioma is a cancer caused by inhaling asbestos fibres.

Terry was an established local singer and songwriter himself, perhaps best known for his song “Fareweel Regality”, which appeared on the Mercury prize nominated album The Bairns by the Unthanks. Liz and Terry also released four albums together.

Terry died from Mesothelioma in June 2013.

Liz said: “All the profits are going to Mesothelioma UK.

“About 2,500 people die a year from it, and the UK has one of the worst rates of it in Europe.

“There’s not a cure, you’re lucky if you last two years. Terry lasted nine months, which is more typical. It’s basically a death sentence.

“Mike Tickell was very fond of Terry, he wrote his obituary in the Guardian and he does work for the charity.

“There’s four tracks which feature Terry on the CD. It was the idea of fund-raising that made me do it, along with my friend Pete Coe.”

The CD is already available to purchase from Core Music in Hexham, and Liz is currently preparing for an album launch which will take place later this year.

“I’ve got a CD launch fixed,” she continued. “It’s at the Peel in Corbridge on April 28 at 2pm.

“I’m excited, but also a bit terrified actually. I’ll have to practise hard because I will be playing there, with about half an hour of stuff from the CD.

“People can bring their own instruments along and just get on with what they want after.”

While Downhill All The Way is Liz’s first solo album, her friends, Julie-Ann Souter, John and Caroline Bushby, and Ailsa MacKenzie all appear on the album.

All have their own musical careers. Julie-Ann Souter, and Liz founded the band “Lucky Bags”, which also included Zena Tubmen and the late Judy Dinning.

In addition, Liz performs with John and Caroline Bushby as the trio “Midsummer Blue”, the title of one of Terry’s songs and Ailsa MacKenzie was in the group “Bryony” for several years.

The album’s sleeve contains Liz’s acknowledgements, with the final line reading: “And, of course, Terry himself, for everything. He is still sorely missed by many of us.”