IT SPENT 27 weeks at the top of the charts and the New Statesman, no less, described it as the album that elevated pop to the level of fine art.

What’s more, 2017 heralds the 50th anniversary of the release of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the Beatles’ eighth and most experimental album of all.

Tynedale Orchestra is now preparing to mark the milestone with a concert on Sunday and a unique orchestral arrangement produced by conductor Alex Lewis.

First violinist, and therefore leader of the orchestra, Colin Dickinson said: “Some years ago, an orchestration was made of the album without singers, but all the parts have been lost.

“However, the score survived and Alex was given permission by the copyright holders to recreate the orchestral version, and that’s what we’re going to play on Sunday.

“It’s interesting in that it’s been given the orchestral treatment, while including all the Beatles’ instruments too, so there are guitars, full percussion, lots of brass instruments and quite a jazzy feel as well.

“We’ve been in rehearsal since September on what is a departure from the norm for us, but it’s been good fun!”

The orchestra will perform Mendelssohn’s Third Symphony in the first half of the concert followed, after the break, by that take on Sgt. Pepper.

Mixing things up even further, soprano soloist Samantha Smith will also join in with a rendition of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

The concert will take place at Corbridge Middle School, beginning at 3.30pm.

Tickets are available from the Queen’s Hall box office in Hexham, members of the orchestra and on the door on Sunday.