Prudhoe children are WISE to opposition

Adderlane Academy pupils.
Adderlane Academy pupils.
15 June 2017 10:44AM

THESE Prudhoe pupils are gearing up to compete against like-minded sporty children from across the region.

Adderlane Academy will join three schools from Sunderland and one from Newcastle for next week's WISE Games, a sporting event at Gateshead International Stadium for children at all schools part of WISE Academies.

Prudhoe West First School will also be represented as they are set to join the academy set-up in September.

Each school has identified a number of 'Gifted and Talented' children from Years 3 and 4, and they will be paired against their counterparts from other school in six different athletics events.

With the help of Magpie Sports, which helps run the school's PE lessons, Adderlane are well prepared for the championships.

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