WTL II cup wk28


Openers punish Mitford for dropped catches

Stocksfield miss chance to go second

Lintz use compact ground to good effect

Dover and Perry inspire Corbridge's progress

Watts' whack is not quite enough

Mitford lose healthy gap in late drama

One leg of double complete for Allendale

Allendale look to go all the way

Corbridge return to national final

Marrison fires his way above mate

Belsay lose unbeaten tag to Stamfordham

Cant's ton makes for nervy ending

Perry earns Corbridge breathing space

Stocksfield capitalise on rivals' misery

Gateshead downed by Dover’s deliveries

Tynedale put an end to losing run

Still all to play for at top

Archbold shows no mercy on old Benwell teammates – and his son

Raglan packs a punch on return

Stamfordham back vying at the top