Home built with extra loving care

12 January 2017 3:34PM

Owner Mavis McCormick explained: "We're on the end of three houses in a small terrace and the man who built them apparently built this one for his family. So ours faces up the lane and the other two face on to Eilansgate. And although we don't have dedicated parking, we're on a quiet lane so thee is never any problem parking."

Rosemary Cottage, with its neighbours in Carlisle Terrace, was built in 1878 and has many period features, such as a spindle staircase, high ceilings, skirting boards and panelled doors.

The lounge has a bay window with marble fireplace and tiled hearth while the dining room has the original inglenook fireplace with black range.

Mavis and husband Alan moved there 10 years ago from nearby Leazes Lane.

She said: "We thought we had downsized but in fact this is quite a large house with big rooms and high ceilings. In Leazes Lane we had a very large garden which was one of the reasons we moved to Carlisle Terrace because it had a smaller area to look after but you still find that there’s lots of things to do.

"We’ve got a lovely yard that’s south-facing and everyone remarks on it in the summer, it’s a very attractive place to sit.

"The house itself is actually like a tardis - from outside it doesn’t look as big as it is inside, everybody says that.

"I don't have a favourite room as such because every room has a different character. We spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

"My two sons live in Hexham and when they visit we never seem to progress out of there unless we’re having a meal. We never seem to use our dining room as often as we should. It’s a big dining room which is lovely at Christmas."

Since relocating to Carlisle Terrace, the McCormicks have installed an en-suite in one of the three bedrooms and reconfigured the bathroom to include a shower.

"We've decorated but basically it was nice to move into, comfortable and we didn’t really need to do anything," Mavis said.

She used to operate a B&B business in their former home and continued that in Rosemary Cottage, although mainly as an Airbnb. Alan was a sales director in the textile industry.

The couple have three sons, Chris, Andrew and Nick, who is a long-distance runner - "He’s my Olympian, everyone knows Nick in Hexham," Mavis said proudly. "He was at the London Olympics."

Nick now lives away but the other two are still in Hexham, in Cockshaw and Quatre Bras which was useful when Mavis would babysit her grandchildren there. It's also a short walk into the town centre - Mavis says it takes her a maximum of 15 minutes with her route taking her through the Sele and past the Abbey.

She said: "We were attracted to our house because when you turn into Eilansgate from the main road, it stands out. It’s a white house and it sort of grabs your attention.

"I’d say it’s a lovely cosy family house, not for a big family but perhaps a couple with two children but it’s also nice just for a couple.

"The first thing I liked about it was that when you open the front door you walk into a long hall which looks spacious and is very light.

"There are windows at the front and side so it’s a very light as well as being spacious and has a welcoming, relaxing feel. The guests I’ve had have all said that."

Rosemary Cottage, Carlisle Terrace, Hexham, is for sale at £235,000 from Rook Matthews Sayer, tel: 01434 601616.

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