Victory at last for Mickley crossing campaign

15 March 2017 4:07PM

AFTER decades of campaigning, the people of Mickley will soon have their first pedestrian crossing.

A crossing has been agreed for the stretch of road around the Station Bank junction on to the A695 road.

The issue was first raised more than 50 years ago by a local county councillor.

Mickley resident Chris Johnston said: “My father asked for a crossing over 50 years ago when he was a county councillor. He was unsuccessful over the years.

“But when Anne Dale became county councillor, she took up the cause and fortunately it has come to fruition.”

Coun. Dale said the road running through Mickley was the busiest stretch of the A695 without a pedestrian crossing.

And residents have raised safety concerns about crossing the busy road.

Pat Taylor said: “It’s something that needs to be done for the safety of all of the village. If they see a crossing coming up, motorists might think to slow down a bit.”

Jackie Pickard added: “When I get off the bus to cross the road, I stand there and can count up to 25 cars pass before it’s safe to cross.

“If you’re carrying heavy shopping, it’s very tiring. It’s no wonder that people take risks and dash across the road. I’m delighted we’re going to get a crossing.”

A pedestiran crossing for Mickley has been agreed in the 2017/18 Local Transport Plan, with a budget of £75,000 earmarked for the project.

Coun. Dale said she had been campaigning for a pedestrian crossing in Mickley since 1999.

She added: “The village is linear, with facilities divided on either side of the road.

“And there are a number of elderly and young people living in the area. We want everyone to be able to walk safely around the village.”

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