Tynedale people not being treated fairly

Coun. George McCreedy.
Coun. George McCreedy.
30 March 2017 11:15AM

CONCERNED that Tynedale residents were becoming the poor relations of the county, councillors in Prudhoe this week called for public notices to be published in the Hexham Courant.

The move was suggested at Wednesday night’s meeting of Prudhoe Town Council by Coun. George McCreedy.

He said: “I wish we were treated the same as the rest of the county. Notices are still being published in local papers elsewhere in the county. Why can’t we be afforded the same service here?”

Mayor Coun. Jennifer McGee seconded the proposal. She said: “Before I was a councillor I found out about housing on the site of Highfield Park through a statutory notice.

“We eventually managed to get not just a play park, but a neighbourhood park there.

“We should ask the council to reconsider the decision. It is doing a disservice to the people of this area.”

Coun. Christine Cuthbert added: “I think the county council has a duty to inform its electorate of what’s going on. An excellent way of doing that is through the local paper.”

The town council agreed to write to the county council and ask for the decision to be reversed.

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