Pupils raise cash for kit

Ovingham Middle School students with their new defibrillator. *Photo: HX1417105
Ovingham Middle School students with their new defibrillator. *Photo: HX1417105
6 April 2017 1:42PM

ENTREPRENEURIAL spirit is alive and kicking at Ovingham Middle School as pupils worked to raise money for a life-saving device.

In just four weeks students turned a £10 note into a defibrillator for the school.

Last March, three teams of pupils took part in the Tenner Challenge, a Young Enterprise scheme aimed at introducing schoolchildren to problem solving in the business world.

Students are given £10 and one month to establish a business using their creativity, resilience skills and maths ability.

The three groups at Ovingham Middle School named themselves The Wooden Hammers, Let Us B and Infinite Fun.

The Wooden Hammers organised and sold tickets for an Easter quiz and raffle, for which they also sourced prizes from local business. Let Us B, created and sold personalised bracelets and Infinite Fun organised a school disco where they sold sweets.

The teams managed to raise a total of £428 which they decided would be put to best use by purchasing a defibrillator for the school.

Year eight pupil, Caitlin Davidson said: “It was a group decision to use the money for a defibrillator.

“We thought it was better than treating ourselves.”

Last week the school took delivery of its new defibrillator, which can be used on both adults and children.

Teacher Vickie Norton said: “It was initially a maths intervention, to show how these skills translate in the outside world.

“The children’s efforts over just four weeks was phenomenal and I’m really proud of them all.”

Headteacher Andrew Bennet added: “An awful lot of work went into this and to see it all come together was very impressive.”

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