Prudhoe unites behind healthy living scheme

 Louise Siddoway, Jennifer Collins, Alan Greenall, Elaine Heane and Julia Gormley launch Prudhoe's Commit to Fit campaign.
Louise Siddoway, Jennifer Collins, Alan Greenall, Elaine Heane and Julia Gormley launch Prudhoe's Commit to Fit campaign.
7 April 2017 4:11PM

A NEW campaign has been launched to make Prudhoe the healthiest place in the region.

Local organisations, businesses, sports groups and health experts want to highlight the best of the town and make improvements wherever necessary, so that residents can live full and healthy lives.

The new scheme “Commit to be Fit”, has been masterminded by Alan Greenall, chairman of the Prudhoe Medical Group’s patient group. He was inspired by a similar scheme in Fleetwood in which groups commit to helping residents to enjoy healthy living.

He said: “Around 42 individuals and organisations in Prudhoe are cooperating and coming up with some fantastic ideas for everyone, young and old, like a sensory garden. It would be great for kids, and also will spark off memories for people with dementia.

“We want to be so successful that when anyone Googles Prudhoe, the word ‘health’ appears.”

The focus of the project will be on “what can make me well” rather than “what has made me unwell?”

Associations already committed to the scheme include SCA, the University of the 3rd Age, the Community Allotments Association, Waterworld, the canoeing club and football teams. They are backed by Active Northumberland and the county council.

A follow-up meeting is being arranged and anyone interested will be welcome.

“Prudhoe has so much going for it that we often take for granted, like the riverside walk, heritage in the castle, and loads happens in Waterworld in addition to sport. We want to make the most of what we have and build on it, as well as introduce new ideas.

“We’re very optimistic and plan to sustain this for the foreseeable future.”

Commit to be Fit is looking for a Prudhoe champion who will attract publicity and support the scheme wholeheartedly.

Dr Ann Egan, from Prudhoe Medical Group, said: “This isn’t just the usual boring mantra of stop smoking, stop drinking and stop eating the wrong food. There are all sorts of enjoyable ways to become more healthy mentally and physically. It might be as simple as walking the dog with a friend, or helping weed a garden border for an hour.

“We have to encourage everyone to live well and become healthy, but they won’t do that unless they feel good about themselves and that life is worth living.

“Everyone at the first meeting was so upbeat and positive that ideas were tumbling out, and now let’s see if we can make them happen.

“In 10 years’ time, Prudhoe will be bursting with health.”

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