Prudhoe Town Show results

Auctioneer Julia Cooper at work at Prudhoe Town Show. Photo: Moira Wooldridge.
Auctioneer Julia Cooper at work at Prudhoe Town Show. Photo: Moira Wooldridge.
5 September 2017 12:19PM


Prudhoe Town show Cup: Victoria Nicholson. Millennium Trophy: Harry Mitchell. W. Charlton Memorial Rose Bowl: Harry Mitchell. G. L & I Fayers Shield: Peter Hyman. Enid Johnson Memorial Cup: Ed Short. Diamond Jubilee Trophy: Victoria Nicholson. Edna Hope Memorial Plate: Russell Grieg. Hexham Courant Tynedale Trophy: Sharron Hirst. Mrs. E. Norris Challenge Trophy for home baking: Victoria Nicholson. Gordon Thompson Memorial Trophy: John Maxwell. Autumn Trophy: Anna Hodgson. Vegetable Challenge Cup: Ed Short. J. W. Telford Challenge cup: Chris Celino. J. Rowell Challenge Cup: John Maxwell. Boosey Hawkes Cup PGA: Jon Michael Champion. The Falcon Trophy: Janice Hind. G. L. & I Fayers Trophy: Ed Short. Jackie Hope Cup: Harry Mitchell. National Dahlia Society bronze medal: Harry Mitchell. National Vegetable Society medal: Chris Celino. National Rose Society bronze medal: Gordon Wallace. National Chrysanthemum bronze medal: Brian Nixon. Jean Phillips Trophy: Russell Greig. Bryn Airey Cup: Joy Richardson. Joan Russell Trophy for best exhibit 10-16 years: Keaton Corby.


Three incurved chrysanthemums: Brian Nixon. Three intermediate chrysanthemums: Brian Nixon. Three stems exhibition sprays: George Stephenson. Three medium cactus or semi dahlias: Harry Mitchell. Three medium decs: Harry Mitchell. Three small or miniature decs: Harry Mitchell. Three small or miniature ball: Harry Mitchell. Three small cactus or semi dahlias: Harry Mitchell. Three pompoms - dahlias: Ed Short. One spike gladioli: Ed Short. One bowl of roses: Peter Hyman. One single rose: Amy Miller. Nine sweet peas: Ed Short. 12 sweet peas: Ed Short. Seven sweet peas: Ed Short. One pot plant – foliage: George Stephenson. One pot plant in bloom: Victoria Nicholson. One vase of garden flowers: Harry Mitchell. One vase asters, six blooms: Chris Celino. One cactus plant: Julia Cooper. One succulent plant: Julia Cooper.


Any example of computer generated art five to 10 years: Bryn Airey. Any example of painting or drawing: Sophie Pratt. Any example of 3D model not from a kit: Sammy Hodgeson. Fruit and vegetable creature: Isabella Blandon. Decorated cupcake under 10s: Anna Hodgeson. Any example of painting or drawing 10-16: Keaton Corby. 3D model work one to 16 years: Keaton Corby. Decorated cupcake 10-16: Thomas Pratt.


Handmade bread: Julia Cooper. Fruit loaf: Linda Bowman. Four girdle scones: Victoria Nicholson. Four plain scones: Russell Greig. Four fruit scones: Victoria Nicholson. Savoury flan: Victoria Nicholson. Savoury slice: Russell Greig. Cake of shortbread: Lizzie Hodgeson. Four squares of gingerbread: Victoria Nicholson. Four ginger nuts: Victoria Nicholson. Four chocolate brownies: Lizzie Hodgeson. One chocolate cake: Victoria Nicholson. One fruit pie: Victoria Nicholson. One egg custard: Russell Grieg. One lemon drizzle cake: Linda Bowman. One decorated cake, carnival theme: Joy Richardson. Four rock buns: Joy Richardson. Strawberry jam: Russell Grieg. Raspberry jam: Lizzie Hodgeson. Blackcurrant jam: Russell Grieg. Lemon curd: Russell Greig. Marmalade: Lizzie Hodgeson. Any other jam: Lizzie Hodgeson. Jar of jelly: Victoria Nicholson. Jar of chutney: Lizzie Hodgeson. Jar of pickled onions: Russell Grieg. Jar of any other pickle: Russell Greig. Any homemade wine: Russell Grieg. Knitted garment: Dorothy Richardson. Soft toy: Joan Sawyer. Embroidery, cross stitch unframed: Sharron Hirst. Crochet any item: Pauline Edwards. Handmade greetings card: Amy Miller. Example decoupage: Sharron Hirst. Miscellaneous knitted item: Sharron Hirst.


Onion seed sets, fresh pulled: John Blackburn. Onion sets as grown: John Maxwell. Onions seed sets, dressed: Chris Celino. Onion sets as grown, fresh pulled: John Maxwell. Shallots: Ed Short. Intermediate leek: Colin Paisley. Green cabbage: Ed Short. Red cabbage: Russell Grieg. Rhubarb: Linda Bowman. Celery: Colin Willis. Two parsnips: Colin Paisley. Turnips: Victoria Nicholson. Tomatoes: Chris Celino. Truss of tomatoes: Chris Celino. Cucumber: Chris Celino. Beet globe: Ed Short. Potatoes, coloured: Ed Short. Courgettes: Ed Short. Carrots not pointed: Ed Short. Pods of peas: Victoria Nicholson. Runner beans: Julia Cooper. Marrow: Alan Reeves. French beans: Ed Short. Broad beans: Victoria Nicholson. Sweetcorn: Trevor Palmer. Sweet peppers: John Maxwell. Chilli peppers: John Maxwell. Apples: John Maxwell. Grapes: Joy Richardson. Pumpkin: Trevor Palmer. Any other vegetable: John Maxwell. Collection of vegetables: Chris Celino

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