Paper mill rolls out a rescue plan

Prudhoe's public toilets.
Prudhoe's public toilets.
3 July 2017 4:00PM

PRUDHOE’S toilet roll manufacturer is spending a few pennies to help preserve the town’s toilets.

Prudhoe’s SCA mill, which recently changed its name to Essity, has pledged £5,000 towards the refurbishment of the town’s public toilets.

And the employer has also committed to keeping the toilets, at Road Ends, stocked with toilet paper as well as fitting the facilities with toilet roll dispensers, air fresheners and soap dispensers.

In January, Prudhoe Town Council set aside the funds to revamp the toilets.

Councillors had long lamented the state of the public conveniences.

A Northumberland County Council surveyor estimated that an overall cost of just over £15,000 would be needed to bring the facility up to standard; £10,000 of that will be contributed by the county council.

Concerned for the long-term future of the town centre facility, councillors also agreed to consider transferring the asset into town council ownership in the future.

And after hearing of Prudhoe Town Council’s plans, SCA Hygiene Products got in touch to offer a helping hand.

Prudhoe Mill manager George Placogiannakis said: “When we first heard that these toilets were under threat of closure, I was determined that we would do whatever we could to help the town council preserve this vital public amenity.

“Prudhoe is somewhere with both an ageing population and a number of young families with children, and we are pleased and proud that we are able to help the town council refurbish and retain this much-needed facility.”

The work is esimated to take around four to six weeks to complete and and could be launched in late July or early August.

And in recognition of its contribution, any re-painting of the Road Ends toilets will be done in the Essity colours of dark blue and pink.

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