Fears remain over parking chaos

Traffic chaos on Highfield Lane. Photo: K071766
Traffic chaos on Highfield Lane. Photo: K071766
16 February 2017 2:53PM

THE DANGEROUS and congested roads that surround Prudhoe’s schools remain a serious concern for the town.

Prudhoe Town Council has reluctantly lent its support to a revised traffic plan for Highfield Lane.

Public consultation ended this week on Northumberland County Council’s latest plans to ease congestion in the area.

The revised parking restrictions will see three areas allowing for unrestricted pick-up and drop-off introduced along the stretch of Highfield Lane to the south of Highfield Middle School.

The “school keep clear” area, in force between 8am and 5pm Monday to Friday, at the entrance of Highfield Middle School will be extended.

The proposals were discussed at last week’s meeting of Prudhoe Town Council’s planning and works committee.

Coun. George McCreedy said: “The lollipop lady said there had been four near misses up there. Unless we do something there’s going to be an incident there.

“But if there’s going to be no enforcement in the plan then you’re wasting your time.”

Coun. Jennifer McGee added: “What worries me is if there was a serious incident there, how would the emergency services reach the scene?

“I just wish the people parking there would use their heads a bit and think about what they could be doing.”

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