Council gets tough on graveside ornaments at Prudhoe cemetery

Edgewell Cemetery in Prudhoe.
Edgewell Cemetery in Prudhoe.
15 February 2017 8:54AM

A BAN on graveside ornaments in a Prudhoe cemetery has been reinforced by the town council.

People are not permitted to place ornaments, fencing or kerbstones on graves in the Edgewell cemeteries.

However, memorial flowers, wreaths and vases can be placed on a memorial plinth at the head of a grave.

In November 2016, an extraordinary meeting of Prudhoe Town Council agreed to introduce regulations for the cemeteries.

One of the regulations was the restatement of an existing ban on plantings on graves in the cemeteries.

As the burial authority for Prudhoe, the town council can make regulations to manage Edgewell cemetries.

The town council said the longstanding ban had been advertised on signs at entrances to both the old and new cemeteries at Edgewell.

A statement from the council read: “The council is responsible for looking after the cemeteries at Edgewell.

“A large part of this work requires the grass on and around the graves to be kept closely cut. The ground itself needs to be kept as level and even as possible.

“For this to happen, it is vital that the grass-cutting machines are able to move freely and easily around the cemeteries, allowing the burial ground to be kept in a safe and tidy condition, as required by law.”

Information on the regulation has been sent to local funeral directors and memorial masons to pass on to customers.

All fencing, plantings, ornaments and kerbstones, with the exception of permanent memorial surrounds, must be removed by April 1.

Any remaining after May 1 will be removed by the town council.

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