Controversial houses plan rejected

Coun. Eileen Burt.
Coun. Eileen Burt.
30 March 2017 2:00PM

RESIDENTS of a Prudhoe estate have been victorious in a fight to save their garages, after plans to replace them with houses were rejected.

An planning application from Isos to knock down 15 garages and build four new homes in their place, on land west of Linnheads, was considered at a meeting of Northumberland County Council’s planning committee on Tuesday.

Ottercops resident Billie Nicholson gathered around 100 signatures on a petition opposing the plans.

Isos proposed eight new parking spaces in connection with the four houses, and to mitigate the loss of the 15 garages also proposed 36 parking spaces spread across the estate.

Speaking at the meeting, Prudhoe town Coun. Eileen Burt aired residents’ concerns.

She said: “The area proposed for the new spaces is already used as spaces unofficially.

“Some additional parking is suggested on green amenity land, but children play on the green space for football and other activities as there is no other area for children to play.”

Vince Walsh, of Isos, said that a number of the garages were not being used for parking, and that no complaints about car parking had been made until the application was made.

Coun. Tony Reid said: “There is no doubt we need extra houses in Prudhoe, but when you reduce parking spaces you are going to reduce one problem but cause others.”

Coun. John Woodman proposed to reject the application on the grounds of resident amenity, with the loss of parking spaces and consequent loss of open space.

Head of planning services, Mark Ketley, suggested that these reasons were valid, although not particularly strong to defend if the decision was appealed.

Speaking after councillors rejected the application, Coun. Eileen Burt said: “I’m absolutely delighted; it’s a real victory for residents. My wish would be that it is not appealed.”

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