Agony aunt takes to the Prudhoe airwaves

Holly Kelleher.
Holly Kelleher.
11 April 2017 5:30PM

THE problems of Prudhoe will be greeted with a kindly ear next month as the town’s resident agony aunt takes to the airwaves.

Resident Holly Kelleher is joining the ranks of Radio Prudhoe with her new show Holly Helps.

Holly has been encouraging the people of Prudhoe to write to her with their quandaries, gripes and niggles.

And for three weeks, she will do her best to tackle each issue through a combination of real advice and good humour.

Each show will also feature tracks selected by music fan Holly to link in with the show’s theme.

Describing Holly Helps as a lighthearted look at problems in Prudhoe, Holly says the idea for the show was born out of a passing remark.

Holly, (37) said: “I suggested it light-heartedly to my friend Richard Heslop.

“Richard has a story-telling show on Radio Prudhoe and he was telling me about it.

“I joked that I should have my own show where I can give advice.

“He liked the idea and it’s just snowballed from there.”

But Holly’s professional credentials are no joke; she currently works as centre manager at The Vault, a respite care centre and training facility for young people with learning difficulties.

She sits on the executive committee of the British Association of Supported Employment, which campaigns to help people with disabilities find work.

And last year, she was chosen by England Athletics to act as a mental health ambassador in the area.

The mum-of-three says that through her experience in the mental health sector, she will be able to refer people to the help they need if they come to her with a serious problem.

Holly Helps will air on Wednesday evenings at 8pm.

The first show, on Wednesday, May 24, will look at some of the more bizarre advice given ahead of job interviews.

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