Hexham computer expert trains next generation


A HEXHAM dad is using his 20 years of experience in the computer games and web-development industries to run a monthly kids coding club in the town.

The Hexham Kids Coding Dojo meets on the last Saturday of every month in the Priors Hall at Hexham Abbey and was set up by Peter Davies and his son Billy, who is a pupil at Hexham Middle School.

With 15 to 20 kids attending each two-hour session, youngsters aged between seven and 17 are encouraged to work on their own projects while learning from and collaborating with their peers.

“Most kids bring their own equipment – however the club has recently received donations of three laptops,” said Peter, who started programming when he was 10 years old on the ZX Spectrum.

“It’s important to allow for kids to attend the club who may not have access to their own computer.”

Peter has run an official “codeclub” in Hexham Library for the last year.

“Unfortunately the library club is limited to an area with only seven computers and these are often malfunctioning,” he said.

“In order to expand the reach of the club I decided to branch out.”

This new “dojo”-style club is free-form, allowing the kids to work on their own projects.

Most are working with Scratch, however some are learning HTML, Python, and Javascript.

The next coding dojo will take place on April 29 between 10am and 12pm.

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