Prudhoe horse rider injured on country road

Sherri Took in hospital.
Sherri Took in hospital.

A PRUDHOE woman has called for drivers to slow down on rural roads, after being thrown from her horse.

A car in Heddon caused Sherri Took’s horse to fall on top of her, turning the bones in her right foot to ‘mush.’

The driver did not stop after the incident on Heddon Banks, leaving her lying on the road.

The 51-year-old has been in hospital since the incident on March 24. Two metal plates have been inserted in her foot.

Sherri was riding her horse, Comet, when a car approached from the opposite direction.

Sherri, said: “A car came flying up the road. The road narrows where we were and the car came past too fast and too close.

“Comet spooked. His back legs went from under him and he came down on the ground; my foot was underneath.”

Comet galloped away towards the stables where he was caught by a friend of Sherri’s.

Fortunately, the driver of a passing parcel van came to Sherri’s aid, calling an ambulance which took her to Newcastle’s RVI.

Doctors told Sherri that bones from her second and third toe back to her ankle were ‘mush.’

Sherri, who works as a personnel recovery officer in the Army, will be on crutches for the next four months.

She said: “I feel quite angry that the person responsible for this didn’t even stop. Motorists need to slow down and be aware that horses are big animals.”

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