Judges impressed by exhibits at Newbrough Show


THIS year’s Newbrough Parish Produce Show turned out to be the most successful since the event was revived nine years ago.

Despite a mixed growing season, horticulture enthusiasts from within the parishes of Newbrough and Wardenexcelled with a strong turn out at Newbrough Town Hall on Saturday.

The quality and quantity of exhibits allayed the fears of committee members, who admitted to being nervous in the run up to show day.

The show’s Rob Tindall explained: “Given the very mixed growing season we have just had, the committee had worries that there would be noticeable gaps on the benches, but their fears could not have been more unfounded.

“Such was overall entry that they ran out of numbered stickers for individual exhibits in the horticultural section.

“This demonstrated that the show, which is restricted to those with a demonstrable connection to the parishes of Warden and Newbrough, was the most successful since it was revived nine years ago. All in all it was an excellent, well-supported show.”

The industrial section was also a high quality affair. Standards in tomatoes, onions from seed, gladioli and pom-pom dahlias led to stiff competition.

There was also a fine selection of craft exhibits and more entries in photography than in recent years.

Familiar names on the list of trophy winners were complemented by some new faces.

Carol Henderson won best exhibit in the baking section with her sandwich cake, while Doreen Dodd was the winner of the craft section.

Dennis Denham’s tray of three dessert apples were flawless in colour and perfectly matched. They earned him the trophy for best exhibit in the fruit and vegetable classes.

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