Call for extra funds for police pay

Dame Vera Baird. Photo: K511571
Dame Vera Baird. Photo: K511571

NORTHUMBRIA’S Police and Crime Commissioner has written to the Home Secretary to press for more Government funding to address the force’s “perilous financial position.”

Dame Vera Baird has demanded extra funding for Northumbria Police to pay for the two per cent pay rise announced for police officers.

The Government recently announced it would lift the public sector pay cap for police and prison officers.

But the commissioner said the force had only budgeted for a one per cent pay award across the board, and to increase that by an extra one per cent would cost £1.55m.

“I have set out the perilous financial position Northumbria Police has been put into by Government cuts and asked Amber Rudd how she suggests the force pays for a rise. We strongly suggest that she must pay for it,” said Mrs Baird.

“Cutting more officers is a very likely outcome, a ridiculous position which shouldn’t even be a consideration.”

She added that the force had already lost 900 police officers and 923 police staff and PCSOs due to budget cuts.

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