Builders cause parking chaos in Wylam


RESIDENTS in Wylam say their streets are being crowded with work vehicles from a nearby building site.

Gentoo’s Wylam Hills Farm development, which neighbours Holeyn Hall Road, has no provision for on-site parking, meaning those working there are instead parking in neighbouring streets.

One resident said: “We are elderly and need to park at the front of our house. They drive off the site and park right along the street and bring all the muck with them – and it eventually ends up in our house.”

Another resident said vehicles parked along the main road were blocking the view for oncoming traffic, causing a risk to drivers.

“At times the vans are parked all up the road and people can’t see what’s coming when they come round the bend; there have been small accidents because of it,” he said.

Coun. Jim Martin, who said he had also received complaints about drivers being rude to residents, said at a meeting of Wylam Parish Council on Monday that the situation had improved since he brought up residents’ concerns with the site manager.

Assistant director of Gentoo Homes, Anthony Lowther, said: “The constraints of our construction site have caused some parking issues in the village and we have worked to mitigate the level of disruption caused by contractors since we began building work.

“We do sympathise with the local residents, and as a result, we are currently exploring options to provide alternative parking which will help to alleviate the issue.”

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