Romantic overtures highlight perils of the wrong number


Driven to distraction by return to the second-hand car market

Twist of fate leaves me unable to sidestep life’s misfortunes

Shock discovery on return to keep my hand in at stables

Attempt at dishwasher repair turned out to be a pipe dream

Flushed with success after latest bathroom DIY project

Show season introduced me to a new and rich language

Memories unravel as I return to fly fishing after 40-year gap

Death-defying encounter with sparrowhawk uses another life

Wanderers return to holiday post to make the blood boil

Hedging your bets when tackling a thorny issue

Ravages of old age take their toll again as surgery beckons

Enjoyable afternoon dicing with death on military ranges

Paving the way ahead

Stupidity of sheep knows no bounds, with deadly results

Trip down memory lane led to nostalgia for ‘baby’s heads’

Petrol strimmer’s dice with death confirms Bard’s advice

Mystery of garden deposit on return from holiday

Wife’s cunning ploy to stop me piling the weight back on

Party rations didn’t eat into playful fun

Good deed backfires reviving memories of my school days