Frozen remedy takes the heat out of a very painful dilemma


Dedication to the task in hand always means a messy ending

Attempts to help damsels in distress always hit a brick wall

The ‘world of real work’ leaves me satisfied but very smelly

Hair-raising result as blackbird finds food off the beaten track

Car takes on a life of its own as freak hailstorm takes its toll

Suspicious minds mistake fraud warning for a scam call

Transported back to my youth by knock of unexpected caller

10-hour wait in brave new world of emergency hospital

My chance to shine in the kitchen

Long-haul flight leaves me with an unwelcome memento

Sunday lunch injury joins long list of bizarre battle scars

Filling my time productively is proving to be hard work

Passing years have mellowed my view of long arm of the law

Playing with fire in the days before TV

Diciphering the wordy nature of New Year traditions

Nativity triumph stays in my memory after half a century

Ding dong merrily on high, at home my doorbell is ringing

Christmas frustrations get an early start at Hextol Towers

Magical glue helps me out of sticky DIY situations at home

Star-studded memories of life as a teenager back in the 60s