Pantomime treats audience to an out-of-this-world adventure

13 February 2017 5:41PM

SPACE invaders came to Newbrough last weekend – but their evil plot to conquer the world was thwarted by villagers.

For the wicked Count Drake (Ed Nixon), a long-lost cousin of Count Dracula, was left red-faced after losing a gruelling battle for supremecy in 2017: A Space Pantomime.

The Newbrough Parish Panto Company is known for its outlandish scrips which surprise, amuse and entertain, and the latest offering by writer and director Robin Perrie was perhaps as varied as they come.

Local vicar, the Rev Jeremy Thompson, showed off his dancing skills as part of a hip-hop trio, with the equally versatile Rob Tindall and Paul Myers.

There were gags aplenty from Tom Tom and Major Tom (Andy Mooney and Mark Whaley), as they steered the International Space Station to a moon bar with no atmosphere.

Count Drake’s plan to conquer the world got under way as three woman, Milly, Molly and Randy, (Mandy Perrie, Abbie Faraday, and Sarah Bennington), boarded a spaceship instead of the bus to Hexham.

They ended up on Planet Zog, where they met Puke Skywalker (Yvonne Heminsley), a member of Drake’s evil army.

But Skywalker was tamed, and went on to fall in love with superhero Margarita (Lindy Dixon).

And the pair were married, on the town hall stage by locally-based retired Bishop of Lancaster, Stephen Pedley, in his role as Shotgun Steve.

Tim Jukes and Andrew Webb were outstanding as the panto dames Marilyn and Gertrude.

They dragged audience members on stage and ruthlessly delivered a series of gags which shocked and entertained.

World security guards Stan and Dan (Emma Hunt and Michelle Bridges) were a worthy double act, with their madcap singing, dancing, and one-liners.

Major Disaster (Dave Spearman) represented the good, and was akin to Captain Mainwaring alongside Private Parts (Kian Scholes) and Pistol Pete (Tiff Hodinson).

There are far too many names to mention, but the cast, which included Drake’s evil alien children, combined effectively
for a wide range of scenes and songs.

They were ably supported by a multi-talented team of musicians and other crew members behind the scenes.

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