Keeping up appearances with help of butler school

Butler, John Overton at Belsay Hall.
Butler, John Overton at Belsay Hall.
16 February 2017 2:46PM

HAVE you ever wanted to know what really makes Downton Abbey’s Charles Carson tick?

Or are you desperate for your silverware to outshine the midday sun.

Then why not enroll at Belsay Hall’s Butler School.

Visitors to the historic hall will come nose to nose with a stern Victorian butler, hired to teach visitors how to properly uphold the standards of a country house.

Butlers-to-be will be schooled on the proper etiquette of a country house, from dressing a table to folding a napkin.

But if you do decide to go, it would be best to ensure that your shoes are polished, your clothes immaculate and that you stand up straight.

Butler School is open between 11am and 4pm from tomorrow until Sunday, February 26.

After being put through their paces, students of Belsay’s resident butler can take a well-earned break in the hall’s Victorian tearoom.

Or visitors can take a stroll around the winter garden terraces and quarry garden before exploring the medieval castle.

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