Getting a handle on history of handbags

Slaley Commemoration Hall.
Slaley Commemoration Hall.
20 March 2017 12:00PM

A COLLECTION of handbags dating back centuries will be the focus of a talk to be held at Slaley Commemoration Hall.

From pre-18th century ladies with pocket aprons worn under voluminous dresses to the arrival of the railways and the introduction of hand luggage, every handbag has a tale.

Pat Wilson of the Slaley, Healey and Minsteracres Local History Club explained: “Susan Howard, who I believe is from South Shields, is coming to talk to us about her fascination with handbags, which started when she was just eight years old.”

Her own collection demonstrates the changes through history as she explains how women, as well as men, started to use handbags.

History of the Handbag is at 7.30pm on Monday, March 27.

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