Vaping business opens in Prudhoe

8 February 2017 3:23PM

A NEW Prudhoe business has big plans to stamp out smoking for good in Tynedale.

Castle Vape was opened by local man, Ian Richmond, just last week.

And Mr Richmond hopes that his new e-cigarette specialist shop will help local people kick cigarettes.

The store, located just off Front Street, specialises in vaping and sells a variety of e-cigarette devices and liquids.

Mr Richmond became involved in the vaping industry after managing to quit cigarettes himself four years ago. He said: “Vaping was the only way I found I could get off cigarettes. I tried everything else but in the end I would always go back to smoking.

“But after I started vaping I didn’t miss cigarettes at all, I tried one again and it was the most vile thing in the world.”

After quitting his job in tech-support in 2014, Mr Richmond worked in the e-cigarette industry, selling liquids.

However, spotting that there were no stores between Blaydon and Carlisle he was keen to open his own.

Now, Mr Richmond hopes that Castle Vape will help others to walk away from cigarettes.

He said: “There are concerns about safety and batteries exploding but if you follow simple guidlelines it’s a safe habit to have.

“And there are mechanical and regulated devices and regulated devices have in-built safety so it won’t allow you to go wrong. But I wouldn’t sell something to someone who didn’t know how to use it.”

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