Media Pack

Why advertise with the Hexham Courant?

  • The Hexham Courant is read by a combined audience of over 42,000 people each week
  • That's 81% of the population (Chronicle 9% Journal 22%)
  • 24% of adults are wealthy country dwellers (3 times national average)
  • 18% of adults are wealthy town folk (twice national average)
  • 22% of adults are high income families (twice national average)
  • 8% or 3480 adults are owners or directors of companies (incl. Newcastle Businesses)
  • Many more are managers and executives & in high income positions
  • Super competitive rates for broadsheet mono and colour (available on all pages)
  • We reach your target audience and each copy is read 3 times for 46 minutes duration.
  • Hexham is only 19 miles from Newcastle and 35 miles away from Carlisle.
  • 70% of our readers travel further afield to purchase larger items (37% Newcastle, 20% Metro Centre, 13% Carlisle)
  • We are used by reputable national, regional and local companies because they have found advertising in the Hexham Courant Works
  • We offer fantastic customer service and are keen to develop your business
Mechanical Data
Full Page 540mm x 344.5mm (54x10col)
Half Page 270mm x 344.5mm (27x10col)
Quarter Page 270mm x 171.25mm (27x5col)

Broadsheet: ROP/Classified
Page Size: 540mm x 344mm

Column widths (mm)
1 col
2 col
3 col
4 col
5 col
6 col
7 col
8 col
9 col
10 col

Technical Data
Screen: 40 lines per cm
Printed: Web offset
Latest time for copy: Tuesday 5pm
Press: Thursday 12noon
Publication Day: Friday


The Hexham Courant is the leading weekly newspaper in Northumberland. Serving Tynedale and the surrounding areas our aim is to provide a successful platform in which to advertise.
The Hexham Courant offers a perfect opportunity for advertisers to access a highly lucrative base with an extremely high disposable income.

Circulation (ABC):July 2013 - December 2013 13,356 100% paid circulation.

View our ABC Certificate here

Combined Readership: 42,291

54% Female
46% Male
77% ABC Socio-economic groups

51% use the Hexham Courant when looking for employment (26% Chronicle, 12% Journal)

31% use the Hexham Courant when looking for property (8% Chronicle, 29% Journal)

82% use the Hexham Courant when looking for home services (8% Chronicle, 9% Journal)

70% use the Hexham Courant when looking for entertainment (16% Chronicle, 15% Journal)

58% use the Hexham Courant when looking for motors (21% Chronicle, 20% Journal)

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